Top 10 Things People Say When They Hear I Work from Home

Top 10 Things People Say When They Hear I Work from Home

Top 10 Things People Say: Top 10 lists cover just about anything you can imagine. I thought a work at home Top 10 this week would be a fun change of pace from the daily grind!

Being a work at home mom is a unique challenge unlike any other job. A challenge that well-meaning people just don’t understand unless they’ve been there. Now I’m not complaining and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but sometimes it helps to laugh and know that other work at home moms deal with the same things.

So without further ado…enjoy!

Top 10 Things People Say When They Hear I Work from Home:

10. What do you do all day?

9. You must have a lot of time on your hands being home every day!

8. You have the best of both worlds.

7. How lucky that you get to be with your kids all day while you work.

6. Since you stay at home, would you volunteer for ______________ [insert random committee, bake sale, child care, etc.]?

5. Do you think you’ll ever go back to work?

4. That’s so nice that you can work from home and be able to keep up with the house too.

3. Wish I could afford to stay at home.

2. Lucky you, getting to stay in your pajamas all day!

And last but not least…

1. That must be SO much easier than working at a REAL job.


These are all things people have actually said to me. All with the best of intentions, no doubt. (Most of the time, anyway!) 🙂 I’ve learned to roll with it for the most part. It helps having an online network of other WAHMs who get it! Speaking of, we’d love to have you join the network. Sign up here!


What can you add to the list? Share in the comments below, and raise your hand if you’re a fellow work at home mom who can relate!


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