How to Use Your Bookmarks Bar to Your Advantage

How to Use Your Bookmarks Bar to Your Advantage

So I thought it might be fun for this month’s list to take a look at my Bookmarks Bar. In case you’re not using this tool, it’s such a time-saving shortcut for the sites you visit most. I’m curious what others have pinned to their bars, so drop a note about yours in the comments below!

A couple of things you should know first:

  1. I don’t claim to be super techie (don’t judge!) If you are, please, please feel free to fill in the gaps for us and give any advice or clarification!
  2. A couple of these are affiliate links, but most are not. A lot of them don’t even have affiliate programs. (I’m just supposed to disclose that if I have any at all on here.) They’re all simply what’s on my bookmarks bar right now, the good, the bad, and the unused.
  3. Yes, I realize my bookmarks bar has probably gotten a little out of hand…time for some virtual housecleaning!

Just in case there’s someone out there who’s even less techie than I am and have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s what I mean by bookmarks bar:

Bookmarks bar screen shot - VA Moms Network


I should say favicons, not icons. Whatever.

If you’ve never utilized your bookmarks bar, it’s a handy little tool. There’s a quick tutorial on setting it up here. Really easy!

You can shorten the names (or delete the word entirely and just use the favicon) by right-clicking, then click Edit, then shorten however you like.


My Bookmarks Bar:


Pandora Radio – Because music makes everything better.

Spotify – Because sometimes you’re just in the mood for specific songs.



WordPress – Quick link to the back end of my website.

A2 Hosting Control Panel Login – These guys have been spectacular. I’ve tried other hosting companies, but so far this one blows them all out of the water. Tech support, easy to install, reliable – so far I’m really impressed.

Google Analytics – Because who wants to track all that down every time? One-click is my friend.

MailChimp – All the better to email you with, my dears. Customizable and plays nicely with WordPress. And it’s pretty user-friendly for us non-technos.

BoardBooster – My latest Pinterest BFF.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer – Mind-blowing tool. Try it.

CoSchedule’s Resource Library – Yes, they get two spots on my bar. They’re that awesome.

Pexels – Good source for free stock photos. (Can you tell I like free stuff?)

Information comes at us from every direction. How do we sift through to find the good stuff? Here are some tips.


Gmail – All my business emails go through this, even the ones with my custom domain name.

Boomerang for Gmail – Brilliant invention. With my sporadic work at home hours, I can reply at my convenience but schedule emails to be sent during business hours. Or if I know someone’s on vacation, I can schedule the email so it arrives at the top of their inbox the day they return instead of getting buried.

Yahoo Mail – Yes, I have another account. I use this email for my newsletter subscriptions. I explain why here.



FreshBooks – Love this! Easy to use, simple for a solo biz (or teams), set up separate clients and projects. You can customize everything with your logo and style. It has a time tracker and will automatically create an invoice for you from the project/dates you select. (They’ll even let you try it free for 30 days.)

Dropbox – Essential for storage. And sharing files and pictures. Sometimes.

LinkedIn – Good to have.

HelloFax – Great free service if you don’t send faxes often.

eFax – Free service to receive faxes via email. (You get a free fax number and it sends them directly to your email. In case you didn’t know. I didn’t till I used it.)

HelloSign – Again, I stay within the free range and it’s an awesome online document signing tool.

Color-Hex – Super cool tool for matching and coordinating colors and finding their fancy code name like #b34s90. (I just made that one up but I’m sure it’s gorgeous.)

Copyscape – Search for copies of your page on the web. Haven’t used this much yet but it might come in handy.

SimilarWeb – This is a pretty new link for me. They say you can get insights for any website or app.

This article:   Easy guide to setting up your Google Analytics so it doesn’t count spam and junk. You can get more accurate data that way.

Todoist – Simple, reliable little to-do app that syncs with my phone. I didn’t want all the bells and whistles – just a simple (and you guessed it, free) to-do app I can use on the go. Raise your hand if you love checking things off a list as much as I do. Even if it is digital.



Feedly – Article reader. I don’t use this, but maybe someday. Or maybe I’ll delete it.

Google Drive – Must have.

Google Maps – How did we ever survive without this?

Google Calendar – I’m seeing a theme here…

YouTube – I don’t use this bookmark much and usually forget it’s there.

PinIt Button for Pinterest – Well duh. Every girl’s gotta have this.

Ebay – Can’t tell you the last time I’ve used this one!

FlyLady – I haven’t visited this site in a looong time (and my house looks like it!) But she’s a hilarious source of housekeeping advice and encouragement.

Amazon – Everything from A to Z, of course.

Twitter – Because I’d forget about it if it weren’t on the shortcut bar.



And there you have it, my friends. My bookmarks bar all laid out for you. (Tomorrow I’ll clean it up, promise.)

You may notice that most of the social media links are missing from the bar. I took Facebook and Pinterest off a long time ago because it was just way to easy to click over all the time. Now that they’re not quite so accessible, I think twice before opening them.

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I do have other bookmarks organized (sort of) in folders, but these are the ones that have earned a visible spot on my browser.


I’d love to hear, what bookmarks do YOU have?

Got a question about any of mine?

Chances are someone else does too, so share in the comments below!


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