Hi, I’m Teresa Huff, founder of VA Moms Network. (VA = Virtual Assistant in case you were wondering.) We’re really glad you’re here!

Ever have a big conference call scheduled and then: Surprise! It’s a snow day! Gulp…how am I going to entertain kids during a business call?!

Ever been on the phone with a prospective client and your child comes screaming through the room because her brother is chasing her with a spider, laughing wickedly the whole way? (*Ahem.* Me neither.)

I’ve been a work at home mom since 2003 and understand how isolating, difficult, and yet so rewarding it can be.

This Network is a place where we can share ideas, recommend great resources, and encourage each other in our journey of having a virtual job and being a mom. We’re glad you’re here! Sign up so you don’t miss any great tips, advice, or laughs.

For the less exciting stuff, but just in case you’re wondering who’s behind all this: I have a Master’s in Education and Bachelor’s in Special Ed. Before being a WAHM (work at home mom), I taught middle school special ed. Then the virtual journey began when kids came along.  I’ve done grant writing, curriculum development, staff training, strategic planning, and virtual business management. Now I’m mostly doing technical writing and research projects for clients. I’ve also learned to meet challenges head on and jump at new opportunities. (Hence the start of VA Moms Network!)

Full of unexpected twists and turns? You bet. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’d love to hear your VA Mom story! Drop us a line: hello@vamomsnetwork.com.

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