5 Ways Your Kids Can Help with Your VA Work

5 Ways Your Kids Can Help with Your VA Work

5 ways your kids can help when you work at homeMaybe you struggle with the constant work-family balance as a virtual assistant (…or maybe that’s just me?) Keeping everything up and running, meeting work deadlines, spending time with your family – the list never ends.

Have you ever considered including your kids in your virtual assistant work? Not all the time of course, and maybe not every day, but give it a try every now and then. They’ll feel important and get a closer look at what you do.

Here are 5 ways my kids like to help me (and my inner control freak can accept):

  1. Shred papers
  2. Organize office supplies
  3. Help me choose photos for blog posts
  4. Feedback on the ideas, design, or look of projects
  5. Read off names or numbers while I type them in

Those are simple, and of course will depend on the age of kids. Toddlers obviously don’t need to be running a shredder, but they can sort paper clips from rubber bands. And there’s a double benefit – besides keeping them busy, it’s good for fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination!

My daughter loves computers, photography, and graphic design. As she gets older I’ll let her experiment with PowerPoint layouts or infographics. Who knows, hers will probably look better than my version anyway.

Maybe my list will get you thinking about ways your kids can help you out. What things have you found for your kids to do in your business? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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